Law of Cause and Effect

Nothing happens by chance or outside the Universal Laws. Every Action has a reaction or consequence "We reap what we sow". Ralph Waldo Emerson said the Law of Cause and Effect is the "law of laws".  The most important lesson involving human conduct and interation is seen in the Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect.  "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction".  Every human thought, word and deed is a Cause that sets off a wave of energy throughout the universe which in turn creates the effect whether desirable or undesirable.  The law states the effect must to physical manifestation.  This is why good thoughts, words, emotions, and deeds are essential for a better world for the all create good effects.

With every thought of intention, action and emotion that is transmitted from you, a person sets into motion unseen chain of effects which vibrate from the mental plane thought the entire cellular structure of body out into the environment and finally into the Cosmos.  Eventually the vibratory energy returns to the original source upon the swing of the pendulum.

The law of cause and effect states that every cause has an effect and every effect becomes the cause of something else. This law suggests that the universe is always in motion and progressed from a chain of events.

If you want to look at this law from a philosophical point of view, every cause and effect had its worldly purpose to what we are experiencing today.

According to the nature of your actions, the Divine omniscient consciousness will assign corresponding effects.  In order to benefit yourself and society as a whole, mankind should use their free will of choice and perform good deeds with the awareness that what they think, act and speak about will effect the entire universe.  The prosperity of life is created by our own deeds in helping others through thoughts and actions. The motion or action will give appropriate result, according to the divine justice.

Example of this law in effect is shown in the following example, one I hope everyone can understand and apply to their life appropriately as they see fit:  Whenever the food, rest, work, sexual activities and use of thought-force are over-indulged or improperly used, we find that the related organs are adversely affected. A simple example such as this can make the people understand the law of cause and effect.